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boAt AAVANTE BAR 1200 80W Bluetooth Soundbar

<ul> <li>2.1 channel surround sound - the Aavante 1200&rsquo;s lifts the weight off of your shoulders as the stress melts away, enjoy your down time with the Aavante 1200, the Soundbar that helps you tap into easy spaces</li> <li>Premium HD sound with 80W R.M.S - so let the sound resonate without any inhibition, as it captures the purest forms of expression with pinpoint precision, take your audio ambition to the next level</li> <li>Multiple modes: Bluetooth V4.2, USB, AUX - access your entry to Nirvana with whichever mode suits you best, connect to any device you prefer in any manner you desire, and plug into action</li> <li>A sleek superior design - that embodies new age style and blends in with your home d&eacute;cor, so designate the spot you think the Aavante 1200 fits best, because it rules the roost</li> <li>Adaptive for all forms of entertainment - make the most of your Aavante 1200, as it transfers you to another land with its cinematic escalation and lets you Ride the waves of Nirvana to your favourite tunes, choose your mood</li> <li>40W wired subwoofer connection - amp up the atmosphere as the deep reverb of sound resonates throughout the room, sync into the sound and sink into the comfort</li> <li>Easy access integrated controls - with the remote control and simple control system, pick and choose your tune to match your mood, sometimes all you need is a settings adjustment, plug into good times</li> </ul>
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F&D 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker F550X

<ul> <li><strong>Compatible Devices with :</strong>&nbsp;TV,PC,DVD,MOBILES,IPOD,LAPTOP,COMPUTER</li> <li><strong>Brand&nbsp; :</strong>&nbsp;F&amp;D</li> <li><strong>Item Model Number :</strong>&nbsp; F550X</li> <li><strong>Colour</strong>&nbsp;: Black</li> <li><strong>Additional Features</strong>&nbsp;: auto EQ</li> <li><strong>Included Components In Box :&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;Subwoofer, Satellite Speakers, Aux Cable, Remote Control, Warranty Card</li> <li><strong>Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration</strong>&nbsp;: 2.1</li> <li><strong>Spearkers Maximum Output Power :</strong>&nbsp;42 Watts</li> <li><strong>Speaker Connectivity</strong>&nbsp;: AUX, USB, RCA, Bluetooth</li> <li><strong>Wattage</strong>&nbsp;: 56 Watts</li> <li><strong>Connector Type :</strong>&nbsp;wireless</li> <li><strong>Supports Bluetooth Technology :</strong>&nbsp;Yes</li> </ul>
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F&D 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker F3800X

<ul> <li><strong>Compatible Devices With :-&nbsp;</strong>Designed to work with any Bluetooth device, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks, TV,DVD and PC etc.</li> <li><strong>Brand Name</strong>&nbsp;:- F&amp;D</li> <li><strong>Item Model Number</strong>&nbsp;:- F3800X</li> <li><strong>Color</strong>&nbsp;:- Black</li> <li><strong>Gross Item Weight&nbsp;</strong>: 7.2 Kg</li> <li><strong>Configuration&nbsp;</strong>:- 5.1</li> <li><strong>Bluetooth Connectivity</strong>&nbsp;:- Yes</li> <li><strong>Package Content :-&nbsp;</strong>Subwoofer : 1 Unit , Satellite : 5 Units ,&nbsp; Remote Control : 1 Unit , Input Cable : 1 Unit ,&nbsp; User Manual : 1 Unit&nbsp;</li> <li>Powerful 8000W output to provide the best Home Theatre experience</li> <li>3&Prime; full range driver for satellites, 5.25&Prime; bass driver for subwoofer Innovative automatic multi-color LED, Bluetooth 4.0 version</li> <li>Massive 65W output power speaker, 25 W subwoofer for maximum bass output and loud volume</li> <li>Product qualified by SIG certification, Bluetooth operation range up to 15 meters ; Frequency response: 120 &ndash; 20 KHz(satellite), 40 &ndash; 125Hz (subwoofer) ; Signal to noise ratio: &ge; 70dB ; Power Source: AC Adapter ; Power Output (RMS): 80W</li> <li>Plug &amp; play USB/SD card reader, USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding</li> <li>Uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology, FM storage up to 100 stations</li> <li>Bright white LED display with good view angle, Full, clear sound with powerful bass</li> <li>Fluorescence full function remote control</li> </ul>
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F&D 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker A521X

<ul> <li><strong>Compatible Devices :</strong>&nbsp;LED TV, Computer, Mobile, Laptop&nbsp; VCD ,DVD players, music systems</li> <li><strong>Brand Name :</strong>&nbsp;F&amp;D</li> <li><strong>Model Name :&nbsp;</strong>A521X</li> <li><strong>Colour</strong>&nbsp;: Black&nbsp;</li> <li><strong>Power Output (RMS) :&nbsp;</strong>52 W</li> <li><strong>Type :</strong>&nbsp;2.1 Bluetooth Speakers</li> <li><strong>Sales Package In Box :</strong>&nbsp;1 Subwoofer Speaker, 2 Satellite Speaker, Remote Control, Audio Cable and user manual</li> <li>4&Prime; full range driver for satellites and 6.5&Prime; bass driver for subwoofer</li> <li>Plug and play USB reader</li> <li>Bluetooth 4.0 version; Frequency response: 120 &ndash; 20KHz (satellite); 20 &ndash; 120Hz (subwoofer). Separation: &ge; 35dB. Power output: 16Wx2+20W (RMS)</li> <li>USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding</li> <li>Uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology</li> <li>FM storage up to 100 stations</li> <li>Super big wooden cabinet subwoofer and satellites delivers heart-thumping bass</li> <li>High efficient energy saving design and fluorescence full function remote control</li> <li>Play your desired song and FM station directly by numeric keys through remote</li> </ul>
₹4100 ₹4990